The Mikvah


By Rivkah Slonim
Everything you wanted to know about Mikvah but didn't know to ask

The Monthly Marriage  
By Manis Friedman
Marriages need separations. Sometimes a couple will spend time apart, or get into arguments and be angry at each other. Often the arguing isn't for the sake of arguing, but for the sake of creating a distance so that husband and wife can feel like ...

On the Essence of Ritual Impurity    

By Susan Handelman
We cannot logically understand the Divine laws of Niddah and Family Purity, but we can try to understand them spiritually

Purifying Waters
By Tzvi Freeman
The most important institution of Jewish life, next to the home, is the mikveh and its cycle of union and separation between husband and wife. Because precious things only stay beautiful when you follow the manufacturer's instructions...

Mikvah Time  

by Roni Leob Richter
The year is the same, the days are the same, but the months are different. It is a time quite individual — created by G‑d, especially for me...

Marriage: An anthology  
Compiled by Yanki Tauber
Whom to Marry... Why Do We Fall in Love... The Kabbalah of Marriage... Yes and No... The Mikvah... Waiting... Moses vs. Freud... Adam & Eve... The Loving Friends.. Ring, Round & Roof... and 20 other articles and stories on marriage